“Translation in legal, economic and financial sectors: Financial statements: compulsory translation of tens of thousands of pages each year. Shortage of translators. Why, what requirements must they meet?”

Forlì, University of Bologna – 17 October 2008


As in many other sectors, the professional skills required on the translation market have also increased over time: there has been a shift from universal translators to specialists who are able to operate in two/three fields at most. Consequently, university experience is merely preparatory and insufficient for providing you with acceptable expertise. The accounting/administrative/tax market offers a number of undeniable advantages for translators: the relative standardization of terminology and repetition of texts from one year to another, and not only. It is also a stable market that guarantees and will continue to guarantee a certain volume of work annually. For texts that are particularly complex or urgent it is also possible to come across very favorable economic conditions. Where is the difficulty? The level of knowledge that must be acquired before being able to work. This means both theoretical and practical knowledge: on one hand, a grasp of the economic aspects of the matters in question, so as to understand the concepts. On the other hand, practical know-how, i.e. working on already translated texts in order to learn and memorize the technical terminology used in the target language (in our case Italian) and to identify technical false friends to avoid making a blunder, (e.g. undertake, undertaking, undertaker, the latter not meaning entrepreneur). The end user has a perfect knowledge of the correct terminology used in corporate and professional contexts, and immediately notices if the translator is aware of the same. Therefore, an initial internship is necessary in order to master this both in theory and in practice.



  • Ornella Hugony, General Manager C.T.I. Communication Trend Italia – Vice President Imprelingue.
  • Fabrizio Hugony, Head of Economic Translations CTI Communication Trend Italia.



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