Quality translations

CTI – Communication Trend Italia offers complete and flexible solutions able to satisfy any translation needs.
Regardless of volume, language and complexity of the subject, each translation is treated as a project and managed in accordance with procedures perfected over time.
Management is taken care of by our project managers, dedicated to assisting clients in choosing the best solutions, providing a complete service and verifying the results achieved.

The role of our project managers includes the coordination of all areas of competence for projects of any complexity and is extended to the continuous support of client needs from the start of the project until completed delivery.
Their specific responsibilities include the management of human resources (mother-tongue translators, proofreaders, graphic designers and – in localization projects – computer engineers) technical resources (translation memories, software formats, applications, fonts, etc.) and workflows requiring meticulous quality control or the integration of two or more services such as, for example, authentication and legalization, or layout and printing.

CTI – Communication Trend Italia is able to satisfy all translation needs, from those of small businesses to multinationals operating with diversified market strategies and, unlike traditional translation agencies, offers clients its entire wealth of knowledge acquired in over 40 years of operating in close-contact with leading companies.
This results in tested and customized solutions able to satisfy translation needs: speed and/or accuracy, terminological consistency extended to all documentation, quality/price ratio, etc.
These results are also shared with clients on a technological level, thanks to the compatibility of the technological solutions adopted and the expert use thereof by our staff.

Transcreation and localization

At CTI – Communication Trend Italia, translation and localization share the same process aimed at adapting the final product (brochure, manual, website, etc.) to the specific linguistic and cultural needs as well as norms of the target country.
In response to the increasing requirements of the marketing and communication sector on the one hand, and the IT sector on the other, CTI – Communication Trend Italia offers transcreation and software localization services.

Transcreation, mainly performed by translators, publishers and copy editors, guarantees translations that are able to transfer the impact of the original message to the target public. These services replace “literal” translations with “emotive” translations, allowing the reduction of time and costs of copy writing for multilingual campaigns.

CTI– Communication Trend Italia has two collaborations in place that mean we can offer our customers services that perhaps no other translation language service provider can provide. A world-renowned British copywriter can take care of particularly important English texts for customers. An Italian writer can draft or revise the Italian content of websites, brochures, etc.

Software localization, mainly performed by translators and computer engineers, besides the adoption of all conventions of the target country (measurement units, dates, currencies, etc.), provides for expertise in the translation of strings, interfaces, and scripts of operating systems, applications and programs. The CTI – Communication Trend Italia experience allows for the management of software translation and localization in a single workflow, ensuring the client, in addition to the reduction of time and costs, terminological consistency between the software product and documentation (digital or paper); a solution that avoids discrepancies – for example – between programs and user manuals in relation the abbreviation of shortcut keys.

Last but not least, graphic design, layouts and printing contribute to the creation of “ready to use” multilingual products.

Benefits for clients

  • mother-tongue translators specialized in the subject matter of the translation
  • large number of translators
  • glossaries and extensive terminological databases
  • expert project managers
  • computerized management of the entire project
  • innovative technological solutions
  • compatibility
  • extensive free consultation
  • unified supply agreements (Imprelingue)
  • confidentiality agreements
  • insurance policy
  • over 40 years of experience

Languages translated

Albanian, American English, Arabic, Bosnian, British English, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.

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Additional services

Multilingual graphics

  • graphic design

  • image coordination

  • brands and logos

  • websites

  • multimedia products

  • multilingual layouts

  • universal publishing

  • technical documentation

  • PDF validation

  • typographic and digital printing

Translation and localization in main languages.

  • technical and scientific translations

  • economic and legal translations

  • patent translations

  • sworn and authenticated translations

  • proofreading and transcreation

  • software localization

  • glossaries and data mining

  • terminological databases

  • documentation for approvals

  • ministerial authorizations