CTI regularly offers workshops as high-level training expanding on themes relevant for technical translation. Our workshops increase career opportunities for translators and interpreters.


Expo 2015 Workshops
Expo 2015 – Feeding the Planet

The theme of Expo 2015: Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life, is divided into many sub-themes currently being studied by international committees. The results will be presented during Expo, from May to October 2015. Just visiting the website www.milanoexpo-2015.com gives an idea of the workload in terms of translation and interpreting that will be required from now to 2015. To make the most of this once-off opportunity, specific skills are needed in addition to a knowledge of foreign languages.

We have decided to offer specific workshops on the following themes: agriculture, breeding/animal husbandry and veterinary science and the environment.

Workshop program

  1. Definition: agriculture, agronomy, agricultural sciences
  2. History of agriculture and specific development aspects (Norfolk revolution, the green revolution)
  3. Productive cycle:
    • inputs (systemic and contact pesticides, organic and chemical fertilizers, types of irrigation, seeds and selection, labor and machinery)
    • agronomic techniques (crop rotation, intercropping, field preparation)
  4. Types and geographical distribution: examples of extensive, intensive, intermediate and specific systems (e.g. dryland farming, slash and burn), overview of organic and bio-dynamic agriculture
  5. Interdependence between the agricultural system and the physical and socio-economic environment. Presentation of case-studies on balanced as well as “critical” systems
  6. Problems related to agricultural development, particularly with regards to developing countries – the concept of food security (definition of FAO and other international organisms):
    • difference between availability and access. Brief outline of the cooperative approach to development and new guidelines (on gender, participation, institutional capacity, etc.)
    • overview of EU development guidelines, UN agencies, etc.
    • current issues regarding agriculture and trade within the WTO
    • innovative agricultural technology and biotechnology
Breeding/animal husbandry and veterinary science
  1. Definition: breeding, animal husbandry, veterinary science
  2. Production cycle, types of breeding and geographical distribution
  3. Animal diseases and transmission routes: bacterial, fungal, viral, parasitic, hereditary, environmental.
    • the most widespread and dangerous diseases for man transmitted by animals (zoonoses)
    • zoonoses in the media (e.g. avian flu, SARS, BSE)
    • neglected zoonoses (e.g. brucellosis)
  4. The most widespread and harmful animal diseases (foot-and-mouth disease, swine fever, Newcastle disease)
  5. Eradication, control and monitoring
  1. Definition: environment, ecology, ecosystem
  2. Importance of environmental protection
    • the sustainability principle
  3. Current issues:
    • the greenhouse effect and global warming
    • triggers
    • possible consequences
    • proposed solutions
    • the water issue
    • industrial pollution
  4. Environment and agriculture:
    • pollution, eutrophication, desertification
    • biodiversity

Other workshops

Given the success of workshops on insurance and IAS/IFRS accounting standards with both a theoretical (conceptual) and linguistic (terminological) focus, new editions will be scheduled.
For more information, please contact our offices. 

EXPO 2015

Interpreters required

Workshops: “The primary sector and the environment: challenges of the new millennium”

Take part in our one-day workshops on:

Prerequisites for enrollment

Knowledge of English


At the end of each workshop, a certificate of participation will be awarded.


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from 9.00am to 1.00pm and from 2.00pm  to 6.00pm

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