CTI – Communication Trend Italia Masters’ offer translators and interpreters advanced preparation in various sectors. Participants, even those coming from different European countries, have highlighted the success of this unique opportunity in the field of training.

Requirements for professional translators and interpreters

Excellent and certified knowledge of at least one foreign language. A Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literature or Diploma in Translation and Interpreting demonstrate knowledge of foreign languages. In order to enter the labor market, professional translators are also required to have in-depth knowledge of one or more technical, scientific, or economic-legal fields. This consists in the ability to analyse a text and translate it in such a way that it seems born in the target language, and in absolutely avoiding any terminological mistakes. Moreover, attention must be given to the fact that the translation of technical, scientific and legal texts requires a completely different linguistic approach compared to the translation of literature.

Career opportunities

The areas of specialization offered by CTI make up the greatest percentage of pages to translate on the market. The choice is simply a question of personal taste, even if it is worthwhile noting that often those who come from an Arts background may be intimidated by certain specializations requiring a scientific approach. Specialization is crucial even if the sector chosen may at first seem distant from your individual nature and knowledge.

English as the course language

All our Masters’ use English as the course language since it is the language chosen by the international scientific community and is used in approximately 80% of translations. Furthermore, a constantly increasing number of terms remain in English in texts written and translated in other languages. For translators, recognizing, identifying and inserting these terms in the text correctly is, from a linguistic standpoint, a top priority. One of the aims of the Masters’ is to provide knowledge that may be applied to all working languages used by the single professional.

Admission requirements

Excellent and certified knowledge of English. A Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Languages and Literature or Diploma in Translation and Interpreting demonstrate knowledge of the English language. Curriculum related to all other academic qualifications will be evaluated by a Committee. Admission is at the sole discretion of this Committee. The Masters’ have a limited number of participants.


At the end of the Masters’, deserving participants meeting legal requirements will be offered the chance of a 160 hour (4 week) internship with a language service provider or other company.

Masters’ and workshops for translators and interpreters

Our Masters’ and workshops for translators and interpreters represent an exclusive offer, renowned for many years in Italy and abroad. For each edition we offer one scholarship (free attendance) for each type of Masters’. Our Masters’ provide translators and interpreters with advanced preparation in various disciplines and are recognized by AITI and ANITI as training credits. We currently offer Masters’ in:


SDL University Program

We adhere to the program SDL University Program – Worldwide University Course Listing.


Students enrolled in our training initiatives may purchase SDL software at special prices and conditions.


CTI Participation

CTI – Communication Trend Italia actively organizes or participates in many events and conferences:
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  • “Multilingual communication to encourage the internationalization of businesses”

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  • AGORA Transnational Placement Scheme for Translation Students

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