Our Master’s in Medicine and Pharmacology increases career opportunities for translators and interpreters.
Medical and pharmaceutical research produces a significant amount of reports, studies, protocols, specialized journal articles, conference proceedings and other various documents, which must be translated on the basis of precise national and international regulations and for dissemination among the medical and scientific community. The large amount of work and the undeniable scientific interest in this sector attract the attention of many translators who do not, however, have the preparation needed to professionally handle these texts. Companies therefore turn to physicians, biologists, pharmacists, etc. However, among those who know English and any other languages very few are available for translations and, moreover, have no knowledge of the translation techniques and stylistic norms and practices required.

For these reasons, translators with this professional profile combining scientific knowledge and language skills may therefore successfully offer their services.


Why specialize with a Master’s?

Because nobody accepts approximations or is willing to justify errors, especially in the fields of medicine and pharmacology. Taking part in our translation Master’s in Medicine and Pharmacology is the best opportunity for obtaining advanced specialization, an essential credential needed both to enter the sector and to stand out from the strong competition. Credits obtained are recognized by the professional associations AITI and ANITI and represent an important reference for the market. During the Master’s, practical exercises are carried out teaching the use of the most recent assisted translation technologies: automatic identification and terminology management, advanced use of word processors and spreadsheet programs for the set-up of complex texts. Knowledge and use of CAT tools is now essential: training activities include the teaching and use of SDL Trados tools.


The Master’s has a duration of 5 months with 8 hours of attendance each week held on a single day.
The timetable of the Master’s is as follows: Monday from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm and from 2.00 pm to 6.00 pm at the offices of CTI – Communication Trend Italia Via P.L. da Palestrina, 31 Milan. Our offices are easy to reach: Central Station of Milan – MM Line 1 Loreto exit Piazza Argentina – MM Line 2 exit Caiazzo.

An 8 hour workshop for the presentation of the most recent assisted translation tools will be held on another weekday to be scheduled at the start of the course. 

Structure and teaching staff

Teaching of the various subjects and the norms governing technical translation, practical translation exercises from English into Italian on the subjects taught and presentation of innovative technologies: automatic identification and terminology management, computer assisted and automatic translation. The program will be divided into theory and translation lessons.
The use of professional tools for assisted translation, automatic identification, terminology management and glossary creation will be taught during the workshop. 
Masters’ teachers are successful and expert professionals working in the sector, including doctors with excellent knowledge of English and other languages.


Applications will be accepted until all positions are filled (maximum 12 participants). For enrollment, please contact the Masters’ Office. Applications must be accompanied by a CV, a photocopy of academic qualifications and payment of the deposit.

Why use English as the course language?

Because English is the international language of economics and is therefore used in at least 80% of translations. Because an increasing number of terms remain in English in texts written and translated in other languages. Because the Master’s aims to provide knowledge that can be applied to all working languages of the individual professional. If you specialize in other languages, you will be able to apply the technical knowledge acquired in English to other languages, increasing your career opportunities. Glossaries may be indicated by teaching staff.

Publicity and discounts for participants

Given the high demand for specialized translators, we have also decided to publish the names of participants with scores from 95-100 on our website in order to give them immediate publicity. Please note that thanks to an exclusive agreement with SDL TRADOS, participants may purchase SDL Trados Studio with a special discount.

Want to attend a lesson?

If you would like to sit in on a lesson of the current edition before enrolling, you may do so by making arrangements with our Masters’ Office. Simply send a request via email to: formazione@cti-communication.it.


To request information or to enroll, please fill out the form or send an email to: formazione@cti-communication.it.
Payment of the enrollment fee of €2,200.00 (+ VAT 22%) is possible in a single solution or in 4 installments.


At the end of the Master’s, deserving students meeting legal requirements will be offered the chance of a 160 hour (4 week) internship with a language service provider or pharmaceutical company.

Masters’ for translators and interpreters

Our Masters’ for translators and interpreters represent an exclusive offer, renowned in Italy and abroad for many years. For each edition we offer a scholarship  (free attendance) for each type of Masters’. Our Masters’ provide translators and interpreters with advanced preparation in various disciplines and are recognized by AITI and ANITI as training credits. In addition to our Master’s in Medicine and Pharmacology, we currently offer Masters’ in:


SDL University Program

We adhere to the program SDL University Program – Worldwide University Course Listing.


Students enrolled in our training initiatives may purchase SDL software at special prices and conditions.


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