CTI – Communication Trend Italia offers customized solutions that meet the language training needs of individuals, companies and associations.

In an increasingly competitive international environment, languages, and English in particular, are essential working tools and represent a fundamental skill required to meet certain professional objectives. Our training proposals arise from this need recognized by individuals, companies (heads of staff training, HR, etc.) as well as associations.
We offer a wide range of solutions that can be adapted to meet various needs, focusing on both different learning objectives as well as specific individual or company needs.
Each course, with attention to the smallest details, provides for the simultaneous use of multimedia and traditional instruments, such as CDs, DVDs, films, textbooks, etc. as well as the possibility of foreign language conversation classes.
The methodologies, programs and learning software used are regularly updated so as to guarantee the best results possible.
Course duration and hours are agreed upon with participants and the courses may be held at the offices of the client company or association, or at our offices, equipped with a multimedia IT lab.
The teachers prepare an admission test to establish the starting level of each participant and intermediate tests during the course. A final exam or test is held at the end of each course and a certificate of merit or attendance is awarded.

Flexibility and expertise

“We have organized, with great customer satisfaction, a multilevel course in Arabic and English for the CEO of an important multinational, respecting the hours and availability of a person whose corporate role results in daily meetings and commitments that constantly change”.
“We have organized English courses specializing in the areas of economics, tax, finance and administration for the Association of Chartered Accountants of Milan. The courses were divided based on knowledge levels and area of specialization, with in-depth analyses of economic policy and a comparison with international accounting and financial reporting standards”.

Our courses

  • Mother-tongue teachers
  • Customized learning programs
  • Consolidated methodology
  • Innovative tools and methodologies
  • Conversation in the foreign language
  • Flexible course hours – days

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