CTI – Communication Trend Italia was founded in 1973 in Milan under the name of CTI Centro Traduttori Interpreti. In a market that witnessed the birth of the first translation agencies, CTI Centro Traduttori Interpreti stood out as a supplier of technical translations and specialist interpretation, becoming one of the main partners of large industry leaders and some of the first and most important multinationals, such as IBM, Xerox and Olivetti. Since the early 80’s, interpreting became a part of a more detailed and structured process that saw the creation of the conference department, which from that moment onward has been in charge of all services for event organization and pre/post conference activities. During the same period, in response to the growing requests for the preparation of digital manuals and documents, the graphics department became operative, using the most innovative IT systems for layouts and printing in all main languages. Long before our competitors, the use of technological and IT solutions in supporting the services offered has always been a company strength – a feature that has allowed us to perfect the compatibility of services provided, time-to-market and the reduction of time and costs. Solutions aimed at the supply of “ready-to-use” multilingual documents compliant with international standards, with the expected quality. In many cases, technology management has required our staff to increase their skills to the point of becoming “experts”. Already in the 90’s, this process furthered our commitment in the field of training. Specialization Masters’ for translators and interpreters were designed and organized in every detail for the following areas: IT and Localization, Medicine and Pharmacology and Economics and Finance. Today these Masters’ still represent unique training tools in the sector on a national level. There have been many other initiatives to support the growing demand for training, resulting in customized language courses and specialist courses on different aspects of the industry. The quality of the services offered by CTI – Communication Trend Italia is enhanced by its membership with various entities, in which it has also covered strategic representative roles over the years:

  • Association of Industrial Property Attorneys (Patent Attorneys)
  • ASSOLOMBARDA – Confindustria
  • Lombardy College of Court-Appointed Experts and Consultants (Head of the Translation Section)
  • IMPRELINGUE National Association of Language Service Companies – Presidency until merger with Federcentri, member of Confindustria-FITA.
  • UNILINGUE – the most important industry association established by the merger of Federcentri and Imprelingue; EUATC (European Union of Associations of Translation Companies) member and Confindustria SI. Vice presidency.
  • Court of Milan (legal translators and interpreters)

CTI – Communication Trend Italia has been an official European Union supplier for many years.

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