In this section some of the main events involving the participation of CTI – Communication Trend Italia as organizer, partner or speaker are described. Each event is summarized with a link for further information and related proceedings.

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Multilingual communication to encourage the internationalization of businesses

Milan, Assolombarda – 01 October 2008 Event organized for companies which operate or intend to operate abroad. CTI – Communication Trend Italia, in the person of Ornella Hugony, participated as a speaker, providing information on the preparation of technical, legal, financial, advertising and graphic material in all main languages. The topics discussed included: essential tools for being understood in foreign markets, standards and directives for the preparation of documentation, translation quality and style and technological solutions for the preparation of user manuals, catalogs, brochures, financial statements and websites. More information

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Translation in the legal, economic and financial sectors

“Financial statements: compulsory translation of tens of thousands of pages each year. Shortage of translators. Why, what requirements must they meet?” Workshop for translators on addressing the accounting/administrative/tax market, which guarantees a certain volume of work annually. More information


Companies meet young talents

Forlì, Scuola Superiore di Lingue Moderne per Interpreti e Traduttori – 9  March 2012 Event organized by the university to allow companies to meet young talents (students and new graduates). CTI – Communication Trend Italia, in the person of Ornella Hugony, participated as a speaker providing information on the complex market of translation as well as current and medium-term job opportunities. Download the PDF


University of Bologna TraDidattica Project

Interpretation and Translation Department (formerly SSLMIT) 2013-2014 and introductory workshop October 2013 Research project aimed at harmonizing specialized translation training with the needs of the professional world investigating, via qualitative questionnaires, both market figures (translation agencies, freelance translators, production companies) as well as the role of specialized translation teachers in schools for interpreters and translators. The project involves many professional associations such as AITI, ANITI, BQTA, BDÜ, SFT, UNILINGUE, EUATC. CTI – Communication Trend Italia was chosen and involved in the project, that aims to develop a unit for economic-financial translation, in French and English respectively, and represent the grounds for the continuation and development of other units. During the Workshop, our General Manager Ornella Hugony, and Fabrizio Hugony, an expert in the field of economics and finance, held a conference aimed at introducing the TraDidattica project and the subject matter of the project – corporate financial statements. Download the PDF

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Orientation project at IULM University of Milan

Milan, IULM University – 17 April 2013 IULM Orienta, sponsored by Assolombarda, Confcommercio and Centromarca, with the participation of Italia Lavoro, is an important national event open to students and new graduates from both IULM and other Universities. This Career Day gives students the opportunity to attend the presentations of participating companies, including CTI – Communication Trend Italia, ask questions and leave their CVs. Among the opportunities offered by CTI – Communication Trend Italia, our post-graduate courses for the training of translators and interpreters stand out. Download the PDF


LLP Erasmus AGORA Project – Transnational Placement Scheme for Translation Students

Start November 2013 – End 2015 CTI – Communication Trend Italia is a partner company in the three-year ERASMUS LLP project, co-funded by the European Commission as a part of the initiative “Cooperation between Higher Education Institutions (HEI) and Enterprises”. The project, coordinated by the Translation and Interpretation Department of the University of Bologna, is organized through a consortium of 10 European Universities, already members of the Network (EMT), and 6 private organizations, including one of the most important European associations of translation companies (EUATC), 3 companies with over 100 employees and 2 small enterprises with less than 30 employees, all operating in the field of translation. In order to promote immediate student mobility and to improve long-term career opportunities for future translators, the project aims to create a system of international internships able to overcome the legal barriers of differing national legislation and organizational obstacles to let the demand of university students meet the offer of internships with companies. The project also aims to uniform and improve the training of European translators based on actual market requirements and to create a stable and efficient channel for the online management of international internships for translators, thus offering future professionals the real opportunity of highly qualifying international internships. More information

Documentation and proceedings

Events described in this section:

  1. IULM Career Day
  2. Forlì Career Day
  3. Forlì Workshop
  4. Agorà Project
  5. Assolombarda Event Proceedings
  6. Forlì University Event Proceedings

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