“Multilingual communication to encourage the internationalization of businesses

Milan, Assolombarda – 01 October 2008

This event is aimed at businesses that operate or intend to operate abroad with the objective of providing information on the preparation of technical, legal, financial, advertising and graphic documentation in all main languages.


  • essential tools for being successfully understood in foreign markets;
  • standards and directives for the preparation of documentation;
  • style and quality in translation;
    • time and cost reduction:
    • preparation;
    • translation;
    • layout;
    • documentation management;
  • technological solutions for facilitating the preparation of manuals, catalogs, brochures, financial statements and websites.


•     Ornella Hugony, General Manager CTI Communication Trend Italia – Vice President Imprelingue.


CTI Participation

CTI – Communication Trend Italia actively organizes and takes part in many events and conferences:
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  • “Multilingual communication to encourage the the internationalization of businesses”

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  • Translation in legal, economic and financial sectors
  • Companies meet young talents
  • University of Bologna TraDidattica Project

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  • Orientation project at IULM University of Milan


  • AGORA Transnational Placement Scheme for Translation Students

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