Multilingual graphic design

Our services are aimed at designing and creating original layouts as well as the formatting and printing of multilingual documentation. In the first case, the skills of our graphic designers allow us to create documents intended to be visualized on the screens of computers, tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices, or to be distributed in PDF format and printed. Our services are extended to website and multimedia design. Digital layout design includes searching for the best solutions for the distribution of multilingual documents and subsequent content updating. In the second case, our translators’ skills are supported by the experience of our formatters in the management of different languages, alphabets written from right to left or from bottom to top, typographic characters with universal accents and glyphs. Sophisticated technology allows us to localize, in all languages, any documents regardless of format (Adobe InDesign, Adobe FrameMaker, QuarkXpress, ecc.) in Mac or Windows, working directly on the original files. In both cases we guarantee clients extensive resource compatibility and a concrete reduction in terms of time and cost.

Additional services

Translation and localization in main languages.

  • technical and scientific translations

  • economic and legal translations

  • patent translations

  • sworn and authenticated translations

  • proofreading and transcreation

  • software localization

  • glossaries and data mining

  • terminological databases

  • documentation for approvals

  • ministerial authorizations

Multilingual graphic design

  • graphic design

  • image coordination

  • brands and logos

  • websites

  • multimedia products

  • multilingual layouts

  • universal publishing

  • technical documentation

  • PDF validation

  • digital and typographic printing

Main products

Graphic design and layouts, multilingual layouts and preparation of film masters or PDFs for:

  • manuals
  • magazines
  • leaflets
  • catalogs
  • letterheads
  • informative advertising materials
  • advertising pages
  • flyers
  • invitations for launches and exhibitions
  • display material for stands

Multilingual layouts

  • creation with all main applications
  • translation, formatting and copy-fitting in a single process



Printing on any paper, devices or fabrics and:

  • binding
  • packaging
  • enveloping
  • labeling
  • poster design

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