CTI – Communication Trend Italia has always aimed to stand out as a company oriented towards high qualitative standards. Professionalism is our main objective, alongside precision, inherited from initial activity as a patent agent, rigorous application of regulations, respect for different cultures and norms and, last but not least, the skillful use of state-of-the-art technology.
More than 40 years of experience are of great value to our clients, with whom we have developed winning and decisive solutions for international success.
The choice of the best translators, graphic designers, interpreters and teachers for each solution has allowed us to perfect versatile, complete and high value-added services.
The level of efficiency achieved and our excellent quality/price ratio have convinced an ever-increasing number of our clients to outsource linguistic and documentary services usually performed internally to us.
Our expert use of technology has promoted full compatibility with the choices of our clients, enabling us to share documents in any format, translation memories, glossaries and terminology databases.
This evolution over more than four decades has allowed us to become a one stop shop able to satisfy all your linguistic needs.
This commitment is extended to international projects, managed with partners in France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Switzerland and the US, with which we share operative and technological procedures.
Our services are aimed at companies of any size, in public and private sectors.
Our clients include both multinationals and SMEs operating in different product sectors, whom we offer special and highly-customized agreements.


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