1973 – 2019: more than 40 years of experience

Our main services for global communication

Certified translation

We offer sworn translations in all main languages and legalization by the public prosecutor’s office. Certified translations comply with the provisions of Article 5 of Royal Decree No. 1366 of 9/10/1922, Presidential Decree 396/2000, Law 445/2000.


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Layouts, graphic design and printing

Layouts in all main formats. Digital management of all alphabets and writing systems. Localization of graphic design and websites. Translation and layouts in a single process. Multilingual printing.


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Translation and localization

Complete and flexible solutions for any translation needs in all languages. Mother-tongue translators and terminologists. Technical and linguistic proofreading. Certified expert use of translation memories.


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Interpreters, hostesses/stewards and personal shoppers

Simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage interpretation. Business negotiations and meetings. Training and preparation. Accompaniment, greeting, secretarial and reception services. Uniformed hostesses/stewards.


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Event and conference organization

Audio-visual equipment, simultaneous interpreting booths and systems, bidule systems. Resource planning and management. Pre/post-conference services. Press relations. Corporate image coordination.


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Registration is now open for the new Masters’ for translators and interpreters. Scholarships soon to expire!


 Auditing Accounting Administration

Tripla A – Auditing, accounting, administration

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CTI – Communication Trend Italia has been officially entered in the Italian Code for Responsible Payments in the scope of the Assolombarda project – Far volare Milano (Make Milan fly).


Why choose CTI

Professionalism, experience and innovation


Communicating in foreign language is of paramount importance to the image and success of a company. CTI – Communication Trend Italia is a reliable partner that provides customers with the best professionals and efficient organization. CTI – Communication Trend Italia is among the few to offer professional advice on the compulsory translation of legal, financial or technical documents.

  • Suitable and consistent terminology

  • Specialized mother tongue translators

  • State-of-the-art technology

  • Controlled and certified quality

  • Sole supplier

  • All linguistic services

  • Privacy and protected data

  • Experience

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Do you want Expo to be a success?

Communicate with your clients and suppliers in their language and do business only with the help of expert interpreters.

Trust the people at CTI who:

  • have more than 40 years of experience
  • exclusively won the invitation to tender for supply of interpreting services to Expo 2015 S.p.A
  • are the only language service provider that runs specialization courses and seminars for translators and interpreters
  • use the latest technology to provide you with the best service in the shortest time possible
  • can be your one contact for translation, graphics, digital publishing, printing, web design and localisation
  • can provide you with hostesses, liaison and conference interpreters for all languages

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Ornella Hugony
Ornella Brighenti Hugony
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Our main services

Percentage of growth in demand over past three financial years.

Translation 70%
Graphic design and printing 50%
Events 40%
Training 60%

Translation and localization in all main languages.

  • technical and scientific translations

  • economic and legal translations

  • patent translations

  • court-sworn and certified translations

  • proofreading and transcreation

  • software localization

  • glossaries and data mining

  • terminological databases

  • documentation for approvals

  • ministerial authorizations

Layout and graphic design, multilingual layouts and preparation of PDF files. Processing with all major applications. Translation, DTP and copyfitting all in a single process.

  • user manuals and technical documents

  • company presentations

  • catalogues

  • books and magazines

  • coordinated image

  • brochures, leaflets and flyers

  • stand decoration material

  • advertising pages

“Turnkey” event organization: location, reception and secretarial organization, technical equipment and booths, mailing lists and promotional activities, press relations and press releases, post-event activities. All interpretation and hostess/steward activities in uniform.

Exclusive training devoted to linguistic specialisation by field: masters for translators and interpreters, annual specialization seminars and “EXPO 2015 Workshops”.

We arrange language courses for individuals, companies and associations, held by mother tongue teachers. The methodology adopted makes use of all new technologies for language training. Hours and programs are flexible and aim to reach the training objective set at the beginning of the course.

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CTI – Communication Trend Italia was listed among the most important language service providers in Europe by Common Sense Advisory.